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🔱 Welcome to our new provider: Synot!

Synot, games for true players! Dive into Synot, our brand new game provider, promising epic adventures and memorable wins. Every click brings you closer to a magical realm, so why wait?

Book Of Secrets Extra Dice 📙

Dive deep into ancient mysteries with Book Of Secrets Extra Dice! Between hidden scrolls and buried treasures, every spin uncovers history's best-kept secrets.

Hot Dice XXL 🔥

Turn up the heat with Hot Dice XXL! With its glowing design and winning combinations, this game guarantees thrilling moments with each roll.

27 Joker Dice 🃏

The joker isn’t just here for tricks. In 27 Joker Dice, it’s here to boost your rewards! Uncover winning combinations and let the joker brighten your day.

Dice Awards 81 🎖

With 81 ways to win, Dice Awards 81 turns every bet into an award ceremony. It’s the red carpet of dice games, and you’re the star!

Welcome to the Synot universe! Embark on this captivating journey and may luck accompany you on each of these exceptional games. May the dice roll in your favor! 🎲

Synot games are now available on!

  • 🌟 Free team clothing


  • 💃 Exclusively at Starcasinodice! 27th Cabaret Dice by Synot!

    Step into the glitz and glamour of the roaring twenties and conquer the reels! Try your luck in 27th Cabaret Dice, exclusively on Starcasinodice!

  • 🎲 Exclusively at Starcasino Dice! Dice Gold 81 by Synot!

    Are you ready to take the gold and conquer the reels? Try your luck in Dice Gold 81, exclusively on Starcasino Dice!

  • 💰 New Payment method: PayPal!

    Introducing PayPal at Starcasinodice!

  • 🪐 Welcome to our new provider: Galaxsys

    Launch into Galaxsys, our brand new game provider, promising epic adventures and memorable wins. Every click brings you closer to an outer space realm, so why wait?

  • 💰🧨 Exclusively at Starcasino Dice! Take The Vault by Betsoft!

    Join the fearless Bandit on his quest to take home all the riches and immerse yourself in his world. Test your luck and plunder the town's only bank vault in Take the Vault, exclusively on Starcasino Dice

  • 💻 New login Option at - Login with itsme!

    We have fantastic news!

  • 📚Celebrate with the Book of Dice tournament!

    The most magical time of the year has arrived! Join us in celebrating the spirit of Christmas with our enchanting Book of Dice Tournament . Get ready to unwrap an abundance of festive fun, sparkling prizes, and joyful spins in a winter wonderland filled with merriment and cheer.

  • 🎲 Step into the thrilling world of Dice Extravaganza!

    Get ready to roll the dice and take your chances in the Dice Extravaganza tournament. Will you be the ultimate dice master and claim the top spot in this exhilarating competition?

  • ✨ Bonanza of Riches: Get your part of the dazzling prize pool!

    Are you ready for this exciting challenge? The Bonanza of Riches tournament awaits you, and the rewards are bountiful! Prepare to dice, win and rule in the "Bonanza of Riches" tournament. The adventure begins now!

  • 🎅🏼 Christmas Joy Tournament: get ready for Christmas!

    Dive into a winter wonderland filled with enchanting Christmas games that will transport you to a world of holiday magic. It's the season of giving, and we're spreading the cheer with incredible prizes. The Christmas Joy Tournament of Redpanda brings you the magical Christmas spirit you need to end this year.

  • 🪓 NEW ⌛️ Tales of Time Viking Dice by RedPanda

    Embark on an epic journey through time with brave Vikings. Discover ancient secrets, collect treasures and brave the unknown. Do you dare the adventure? Try your luck with Tales of Time Viking Dice from RedPanda.

  • 🐒 New! Jungle Tomb Dice by RedPanda

    Deep within the heart of the untamed wilderness lies a treasure waiting to be discovered by brave adventurers.Try your luck in Jungle Tomb by RedPanda!

  • 🔋 Welcome to our new provider: Stakelogic!

    We are thrilled to announce a new provider joining our platform: Stakelogic!

  • 🌊🦑 Reef Party Dice by RedPanda

    Dive in Reef Party Dice now and let the oceanic adventure begin! Set amidst the serene backdrop of the deep blue sea, this slot promises a thrilling underwater adventure filled with vibrant marine life and big wins!

  • 🪲 Exclusively on! April Fury And The Chamber Of Scarabs™ by Betsoft!

    Venture deep into the mystical tombs and embark on the most rewarding adventure of your life.

  • 🥳 Boerean wins €31.027,03 with the RedPanda Jackpot

    On July 21, Boerean won the RedPanda Jackpot of an amazing €31.027,03 with a bet of €5!